Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lots of pictures

On Saturday morning, my brother Bruce and his wife, Nancy offered to take Cooper for a few hours so Tom and I could take Murphy out on the jet ski. Brandy was here with Harlie, so it was perfect. Good bonding time with Murphy doesn't come often, so we jumped at the chance.

Here's Tom and Murphy taking a swim break.

Me on the jet ski... (a rare occurrence)

Then after we got back from the river, we all loaded up and went to the pool. Cooper was a little fish. He couldn't get enough of the water. And he liked putting his face in. The pool has these huge slides and Harlie kept on signing "slide" which I, of course, can NOT let her do. So hard to explain to her! And just in case you're wondering - I checked with Harlie's cardiac nurse practitioner to make sure that she could go in the pool water with her incision. She said her incision looked great, so she could go. Not that much of her incision gets in the water since she can only go in to her waist or so. But still... And then, of course, Murphy - has NO interest in the pool or the slide. Nice.

My little stud muffin hanging out by the pool.

Harlie and Brandy.

Me and Tom.

Harlie posing for me at the pool.

After the pool, we went over to Bruce and Nancy's house for a cookout.

One of my favorites of Harlie and Tom together.

Harlie pretending to drink from Murphy's juice box.

Murphy after licking the icing off a cupcake. The Joker from Batman comes to mind...

My Mom (Nana) and Harlie.

It was a VERY busy, fun day. Lots of good family time. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well. Happy 4th!!!!


Heather said...

it looks like a great 4ht of July! you defintely deserved it! harlie looks great, Cooper is growing like crazy and Murphy, is of course Murphy. what a nut! so glad you had a great day.

Grandma said...

What a beautiful family..I wish I could have been there to enjoy it all with you! Harlie looks so great, so happy and healthy! Glad you had a wonderful family 4th and always looking forward to updates and pictures.

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