Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Year in the Life - 2008, The Holton Family

Three months into 2009 and I finally finished our 2008 Montage. It has music, so make sure your sound is on. When I started thinking about doing a video for the year, it occurred to me how big of a year it really was. Harlie made HUGE progress and accomplished many milestones and, of course, Cooper entered our lives. So, here's a summary of what our year was like. I hope you enjoy!


Kristen C. said...

WoW Christy! That is beautiful! YOUR FAMILY is beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to put that together, and for sharing it with all of us. You made me cry enough tears for a week!

Susan said...

I'm pretty impressed with all that you've had going on that you were able to put this video together. It was wonderful! I couldn't hold back the tears when I saw you full of emotion holding Cooper. It's not fair the rough start our girls got.

You guys have had an amazing year. I hope that next year brings you all much health and happiness!

Tracy said...

That was wonderful. You have such a wonderful family and looks like you have so much fun.

The Ratliffs said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! You all have had an incredible year. Music plus pictures always make me cry. I love the songs you chose. Thank you for sharing:)!

Christine D. said...

What a tremendous amount of work you put into making this video - but definitely worth your time. We really enjoyed the year's recap and seeing all the progress Harlie has made. Walking, laughing, feeding Cooper, they were all beautiful!

Jennifer Brown said...

Harlie and Christy,

I am moved to tears here after watching your family's first year montage. The love your family exudes is overwhelming. And to think I haven't even met you yet!

I look forward to Oct.5 ;o)

-Jennifer Brown