Monday, March 2, 2009


Finally! A good snow day! According to our measurements on our back deck, we got 7 inches! Wow!

Murphy had a blast. He stayed outside for most of the day. The cold didn't seem to bother him at all. But, that is probably because my friend Jennifer, hooked us up with some great winter gear. We didn't have anything snow-friendly. So, thanks Jennifer!

Ahhh...undisturbed snow. So peaceful.

We took Murphy sledding at the elementary school down the street. It was a great hill and I couldn't believe that Murphy wasn't scared. He did great! The hill got really busy and in Murphy's climb back up the hill, he moved to miss one sledder and then got nailed by another. He ended up riding down the hill on top of the sledder that nailed him. It was hilarious and luckily, he wasn't hurt or upset. He really hung in there with the bigger kids.

Harlie didn't like it. At all. And after all the time and effort to get her dressed, she was outside for about 2 seconds.

Cole and Murphy playing.

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Grandma said...

Welcome to our world!!! Enjoy your snow...we hate it up here. You probably won't see that for another 20 years! Murphy looked like he was having a great time and poor Harlie...she had no idea that it could be fun to play in. Where is the snowman?????