Monday, March 30, 2009

Heart Cath tomorrow

We're trying it again... her heart cath is tomorrow (Tuesday) at MCV. We have to be there at 7am. Hopefully everything will go just great and we didn't rush it after pneumonia. I'm a tad bit nervous, though. We've been monitoring her sats and for the last few days (since Wednesday of last week) her sats have been staying in the 80's. Which is good (for her). So, just to make myself feel better, we check them again today. And they hung out in the 70's. What?!?!? So, we hook her up to the O2 and watch. But, since she's feeling so much better - she wants to get up and play. And you simply can't monitor her sats (which has to be done on her toe) while she's up and walking around playing. After seeing them back up to baseline for a few days, we took off the probe and let her go. Now today, the day before her cath, her sats are low. But, she seems to feel great.

In fact, we had speech therapy today and our speech therapist said that Harlie was the most vocal she's ever heard! And she simply can't make sound if she's breathing hard or feels oxygen deprived. So, I don't know what that means. If I go by her, she's great. If I go by the monitor, she's not so great.

I guess we'll just see what happens tomorrow and go over it with them. I hope they think she's fine, because this cath and surgery looming over our heads - and all the rescheduling - is really starting to stress me out. I just don't want to have to think about it anymore. I feel like I'm going over every single detail to the point where my head hurts. How are her respirations? What do her lungs sound like? What are her sats and how low should I let them get before I turn on the O2? Is it a trach problem? Is it a lung problem? Is it a heart problem? Sometimes I just want to be her mom. That's it. Just a mom.

Well, wish us luck and I'll let you know how things go tomorrow...

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Sandy said...

We will keep our fingers crossed everything goes good today!!