Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Heart Cath a No Go...


No heart cath today. She spiked a fever while there. We got there at 7am and got all checked in. Harlie was happy and fine until we were taken back into a room. Once she saw the red, metal crib, she knew that all was NOT good. I can't even say that she threw a fit. Because she didn't. She never does. She just cries, but then gives in, and ends up cooperating as best she can. It killed me - and Brandy. The whole time she kept on signing "let's go home."

I guess this is where it gets harder. And who could blame her? She doesn't know if she's in for a quick one (ear tube or bronch) or if she'll wake up with her face all swollen and her jaw wired shut! Even though she was crying, when the nurse went to put on her hospital bracelet, Harlie just held out her arm and let her do it. Ugh. She couldn't get a blood pressure - and she tried 3 times. After the 3rd time I told her she could just get one once Harlie was under. She said that she needed to get a baseline, but with Harlie as upset as she was, she wasn't going to get one, period.

Then the nurse said she needed to get an IV started. I said, "No. Not without giving her some drugs to calm her down first." The nurse said she would get the doctor. Then she came back with another a nurse and told me that he said they needed to get an IV started. I said, "Fine. As long as you give her something first." I stated my reasons:

  1. She is a HARD stick. It will take several sticks before you get one. All the "experts" have had the same experience. Trust me. We've been through this more times than I want to think about!
  2. It will take several of you to hold her down.
  3. This is not a one time visit for her. I have to bring her back and make her go through it again in 3 weeks. Then again in the fall, then again in the winter. You're not torturing my child unless it is an emergency.
  4. There are drugs that can make this experience better for her. Why NOT use them???? It's not like she's never been exposed to them before!
They again said I would have to speak to the doctor. I said I would be MORE than happy to. And, really, I was not mean, or rude. I promise. I've learned that you get a whole lot farther if you're pleasant and professional. The nurse came back again and said that they were going to give her something. Good. Thank you very much.

However, they wanted to get another temp on her because when we first got there her temp was 100.2. But she was upset, so we thought that was the cause. But when they took it again (when she had been calm for a while) it was up to 101.3. So the doctor said no cath today. It is too risky that whatever is causing the fever could change the pressures or something during her cath, which would give them inaccurate results. They know the deal with her surgery (now just 3 weeks away!) so hopefully they can get her rescheduled in time. If not, we'll just deal with it. It's not nearly the issue it was with her lung surgery (there were times I was so afraid she wouldn't make it to the surgery). So, I can handle it. OH! And was I ever glad that I didn't let them try to get an IV started!

But, oh boy, you wouldn't believe how happy Harlie was when I told her we were going home. After I got her dressed she ran to her stroller and climbed on in. Maybe this dry run will make her not so afraid the next time...


So, a while ago, Tom's shoulder started hurting. He has a hard time with mobility of his arm and is having a lot of trouble lifting the kids. So a few weeks ago he started physical therapy. While it helped improve his mobility, it did nothing to improve the pain. So, he went back to the doctor today. He will have an MRI on Thursday and then surgery within the next couple of weeks. At this point, I seriously don't know how we're going to fit it all in!


Oh, and I forgot to mention in yesterday's post that my 5-month old and my 2-year old now wear the same size diaper. Size 3. Nice.

Take care,


Kim said...

I can't believe you guys have to juggle Tom's surgery now too. Send an "it sucks" to him from me. Wow.

I hope Harley's better fast so that you don't have to reschedule. Hang in there, lady. If anyone can get through all this crap, you can.

Susan said...

Goodness. That sounds brutal. I'll be hoping to hear you are able to get the heart cath done and that next time it goes much more smoothly. Hugs.