Saturday, March 14, 2009

Harlie as a Mama

Harlie is proving to be very maternal. She just loves Cooper and wants to help in his care. Here are some funny photos to prove it.

I can already tell that this one is going to be one of my all-time favorite pictures.

Obviously, she likes to feed him. I was really hoping that seeing him learn to eat solids would help her learn to eat. Not really working out that way so far.

She even likes to pretend to feed him. I'm not so sure he likes it very much... Yeah, this one will be a favorite, too. I just love the looks on their faces!

She's recently learned how to put her socks on all by herself. So, she tried to put his socks on him. He never stops moving so she got frustrated and let me finish the job.

When we went to Norfolk recently to meet with her plastic surgeon, while in the car, Cooper started crying. Harlie wanted him...

And if she can't have Cooper, she goes to get her baby doll. As I walk by and find her baby in all different places, I go and get my camera. Here's what I see:

I guess she thinks she's going somewhere because her baby's all ready to go and she's blowing kisses.

Don't ask me why the sock monkey-in-the-box...

That's it. For now. I'm sure she'll give me many more opportunities to take more funny photos.
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Grandma said...

Wow..Harlie and Cooper are really growing up..she just mimmicks what everone elso does..soon she will grasp the idea of eating..she is a smart little "toddler"! I just can't stop saying how big Harlie has gotten...and we were all so worried on how she'd like her little brother..what a laugh.

Susan said...

Oh my gosh she is SO cute! It's wonderful to see the pictures of her taking care of her baby bro. Priceless!

Donna said...

You forgot to add about her getting the wipes and wiping her baby doll before putting a diaper on! She cracks me up - LOVE the pics!! :)

Ann said...

That is just the sweetest!

Tracy said...

Miss Harlie, you look like your quite the good little mommy there.LOL. Maggie is in that stage too. She loves her baby dolls and she loves real babies too.
I think you'll make a great mommy someday. :>)

Christine DelGuzzi said...

Those pictures are just adorable! Harlie has such a nurturing way about her; what a lovely little person she is becoming.