Friday, March 13, 2009

Fevers, still.

So, Harlie still has a fever. And this morning, she had some drainage coming out of her right ear. I was pretty excited about that, because that would give us a source of the fever. And even though her pediatrician just looked in that ear on Monday, as those experienced with chronic ear infections know, it only takes a few hours for "good" ears to go "bad."

So, since I already had an appointment for Cooper's pre-op, I asked if I could bring Harlie, too. Her ear looks pretty yucky. And then her doc brought up a great point (that I completely forgot about!) that her left ear (the one she's missing - with no ear canal) could be infected, and we would never know it. The second he said that - I remembered her ENT in DC saying that this might be a problem. Even though she has a tube in her right ear - her left inner ear could be infected - since there is no way for stuff to drain out on that side. Ugh!

But, in this case, I'm excited because that would give us a source of infection. The unknown is far worse in my opinion. And, quite frankly, I was/am getting worried. Last night she was breathing so hard and fast and her fever was 102.6. But I know that for every degree your temp is up you breathe like 4 times more per minute (or something like that). So, I was hoping that was the case and just watched her closely. And today, before her appointment, her temp was 103.1.

Anyway, she's on meds now and hopefully she will respond and the fever will come down and stay down for good. I just want her to feel better. And soon.

Thanks for checking in,


Tracy said...

Hopefully the meds will kick in soon and help Miss Harlie to feel better soon. Ear infections stink. Once Maggie had one and she didn't even have a fever. Crazy.

Susan said...

Your timing sounds a little tight. Regardless I hope Harlie's feeling better very soon and maybe, just maybe, the heart cath and surgery can happen as scheduled.