Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I hope you all had a great Halloween. The neighborhood was packed with kids! I think Murphy had a good time. His little legs can only take so much. I tried to get him to go and get more candy, but he just wasn't that motivated. Darn it. He sure looked cute in his farmer costume though. We took more pics, but I'll upload them tomorrow.

Harlie is getting her first molar. Well, I guess I should say it came in. Well, that certainly explains her increased drooling. And, perhaps, the not-so-great oral feeding trials lately. She is doing great in physical therapy, though. She is finally putting weight on her legs. I took some pics and will get them up soon. It was so exciting to see her behind one of those push toys. I had no idea she was ready for that. Traci asked me if we had one that was Murphy's and I ran and got it. I am very hopeful that she'll be walking by the time she turns 2.

Well, tomorrow we have an appointment for both kids to get their flu shots. Then next week Harlie goes to see her eye doctor and surgeon. I am anxious to see how her eyesight is compared to last year at this time.

Well, more later. Thanks for checking in!

Take care,

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