Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Still on room air!

Hi everybody,

It is very weird to not have anything much to report on. Wonderfully weird, that is. Things are still going great. Still on room air and definitely we broke the record. This is the longest she's ever been on room air!

I tell you - she is a different baby now. I listen to her lungs every night before giving her her Pulmicort breathing treatment. Tonight, she sounded completely clear - no squeeks AT ALL!

And now that she's sitting up all the time, she has hardly spit up at all. Now that she is healthier than she has ever been, and no more vomiting, I can tell she is getting more plump. I keep on thinking that when I put her on the scale (we have a baby scale) that she's going to weigh 16 pounds, but still NO! Ugh! We meet with her nutritionist in a couple of weeks.

We have a few appointments coming up - but I can definitely tell that things are settling down. We will see orthopedics in November, and plastic surgery (Dr. Magee) in December. Once we get past her surgery on Monday, it looks like her surgery calendar is clear until her heart surgery. WooHoo!!! So, I think we can start to address her craniofacial issues. And to give me more support, her DC cardiologist said that her current heart/circulation is more forgiving than what it will be after the Fontan. So, if she needs surgery elsewhere, now's the time to do it. So, hopefully Dr. Magee will have a plan of action.

Oh, we (Brandy and I) took Harlie to Saxon Shoes for her first pair of shoes. She needs them to wear in her stander. They are so tiny. The only ones that come in a small enough size are the classic white ones. So cute! And it is so nice to be able to take her out! I am loving it!

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for checking in!

Take care,

PS, Photos of our trip to the playground are now on the site.

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