Sunday, September 23, 2007

Harlie's Birthday Party

Well, yesterday we had Harlie's birthday party. It was a lot of fun. She did great. I have been working on a montage of her first year and we showed it during the party. I wanted to upload it so everyone could see it, but the site is doing maintenance so I can't upload anything right now. Hopefully, Tom will be able to upload it for me while I'm gone.

Speaking of, I am about to walk out the door to drive up to DC. Tom and I took Murphy to the bar to watch the Steeler's game (Brandy stayed with Harlie). When I got home a nurse from Children's called to say that we were supposed to be already checked in by now! Ugh! Thanks for the notice! I guess because of the nature of the surgery (by the way it's called an anoplasty) they might need to give her some special meds or something the night before.

So, we hurried up and packed and are about to jump in the car. Unfortunately, Tom can't go with us. Thankfully, now that my mom is retired she is more available so she's going with me. I will update the site as soon as I can. We are really hoping that this will be an "easy" surgery for her and that we'll be home very quickly. Hopefully going into it healthy will help a lot. I can't wait till Dr. Sandler sees her. (he did her lung surgery) I'm sure he'll notice how much better she is.

Well, gotta run. Thank you for all your support!!!

Take care,

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