Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things not as Planned


This is Jennifer one of Harlie's nurses and here is a quick update. Christy does not have access to a computer at this point and her stay in Norfolk will be a little longer than planned. Let's just say there were some setbacks today and Harlie did not have a good day. Harlie is currently stable and in the PICU receiving IV antibiotics. Christy will update as soon as she can with all the details. As you can imagine Christy and Harlie are both exahusted so please pray for them to have a uneventful night and that they both can get some much needed rest. Christy appreciates everyone's concern and will be in touch as soon as possible.



Anonymous said...

WE ARE PRAYING FOR ALL OF YOU !!We love you all tons !! Mike and Marcy

Janis said...

Oh no!!!!!! Thanks for the update.

Allie said...

Thank you Jennifer.

Christy, I miss you and will see you soon. Kisses and hugs to Harlie.

Jennifer said...

Prayers from our family to yours.
Jennifer Rossi

Lisa said...

Just came over from the trach forum.

Praying for your family and keeping you in our thoughts that Harlie will mend quickly.


Susan said...

I'm so sorry to read that things didn't go well! I hope the IV antibiotics can fix things quick and you're back home before you know it.(((((HUGS!)))))