Sunday, February 14, 2010

The kid is bored!

It is now after 9:30pm on Sunday night and Harlie is going nuts in her bed. She is a total Fruit Loop! She is BEYOND bored and if we don't get out of here tomorrow, I might lose it!

She is literally crawling all around her bed, messing with any equipment that is within her reach. And she pushes the buttons on the bed rails with her toes. I think she's saying "mama" (seriously, I do!) and asking for things to play with. And I'm betting that if I weren't sitting right here, she would get right out of bed. She's nuts I tell you! Although I can't tell you how incredibly awesome it is to hear (I think) her say "mama!!!"

I will seriously go nuts myself if they tell me we can't leave tomorrow. DAYS in the same bed, watching the same movies - what's a girl to do??? We've tried coloring. I got her these cute wind up toys, which she loves, but they only last so long. I've let her watch some videos on my computer. I briefly considered taking her for a walk (although she's still on contact precautions and I don't think they let those patients walk around) but then I remembered that if I put on her clothes, or we start to leave this room, she will think she's going home and it will break her heart when she realizes she's not. So, it's not worth it.

At 6am this morning they woke me up to tell me I had to move to the other side of the room because we were getting a roommate. Ugh. It was a 5 day old baby girl. First time parents. They took her home, she had some issue, and they brought her here for something. They were waiting on blood cultures, too. And you should have heard them talking. They were told that cultures take 24 hours. So, they thought they were leaving the hospital at 4pm today since they took the blood at 4pm yesterday. HA! Newbies.

It was really killing me to hear them recount their days to family members. I know, I know. It's all relative and they are/were scared, it's a big deal to them, I get it. But it just showed me how incredibly seasoned I am at this. And it literally HURT to realize that so profoundly.

And how incredibly different a hospital stay is now. I remember when Harlie was in for those first six weeks. She slept the entire time. Sure, it was busy. There were a lot of docs to talk to, a lot of nurses to talk to, a lot of learning and practicing to do. But, NO entertaining a 3 year old little girl! Let me just tell you - it is a lot of WORK!!!! And I am tired.

And we cut off the lights and the tv, shut the door and the blinds, and then the respiratory therapist comes in for her breathing treatment. And turns on the light, answers her phone, talks for a while (and not with her inside voice) and tries to buddy-up to Harlie.

Look lady, do your business (as quietly as possible, please) and get the heck out of here!

It's now 10pm and my 3 year old is wide awake!



Suzanne said...

Ugh. Not fun to entertain a kid in the hospital. Really, really hoping you get out of there today and as early as possible. It totally sucks to be on precautions and not be able to move about! Suzanne

Stacy Huth said...

So happy to hear Harley is jumping around. Im keeping tabs and I have a visual in my head reading this. LOL Just fyi It is now a policy at our hospital cell conversation within a pt's room. Dr's, Resp. therapy, Anesthesia ect. have to carry cells for emergencys but they have vibrate and a function to let them know there is a stat problem. And, the conversation has to be taken into a hall for call backs. Its worth a letter to the board or your comment satisfaction survey if you are annoyed enough. Its Monday, hope you have good news today and are homeward bound. Prayers go out. Stacy Huth

Janis said...

I will NEVER understand why hospital personnel don't understand the concept of sleep! Why must you WAKE a child to weight them at 11:00PM? Who does that?

Hope you have enlightened the newbies and found a new way to entertain Harlies for today. ((HUGS))

Robin said...

HeHe. Thanks for venting, I just went through it with Faith in the hospital this week for RSV. I hate the constant interuptions through the night and deciding she needed to be picked up out of bed to weigh her at 6am just because their shift was about to end and wake her up a good hour before she would have woken up if they could have waited! Hope you guys are going home today, it's really great to hear how ansty Harlie is and that she is probably saying Mama to you!

Susan said...

I'm so glad that she's feeling well enough to be so active. Fingers crossed that today is your day to go home. Maybe you all can get some REAL sleep. I can imagine just what you were feeling listening to your roomie. If they knew a fraction of what Harlie's been through....It can be really hard at those moments when you are so acutely reminded of how hard things are for your child (and us as the parents.) Hugs.

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