Thursday, February 18, 2010

Murphy and more of this art

If you read this post, then THIS post will make more sense.

Murphy, my kid who is obsessed with all things Halloween/monsters - brought this home from school yesterday.

Perhaps I should be worried. Does this mean he's going to be a Democrat? hehe Just kidding.

But, for real, when is this going to stop? Everything is a monster!

Well, I have way more to write about (Harlie had speech and feeding therapies this week - plus I want to update you on how she's doing at school) but I can't tonight. This week has been particularly draining and I was already drained before it started! Hopefully next week I will feel more like myself.

Take care,


Amy H ( Shylent) said...

Hahaha ! Right now everything around here zombies , zombies ,zombies ... Nothing creepier than a 4 year old waking you up in the middle of the night whispering " The zombies are coming." and random shouts of "BRAINS!" through out the day.( I think we may play Plants vs Zombies a bit too much .. heheh)

grandma said...

I think he just loves "Scooby Do" way too much! All kids go thru phases and focus on least he is creative! I never thought of George Washington as a vampire but he looks good.

Michele Andolina said...

Looks like he's developing an artistic motif!! And so young, too!! It's interesting that he sees the father of our country as a vampire. Can't wait to see what he does for Lincoln ;) Oh, and Amy H., your kid's a hoot!!