Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Day of School

Harlie's first day of school was yesterday.

It occurred to me later that I might seem like a mean mom. She was discharged from the hospital at 5pm and was at school the very next day. No break for that girl! And you don't want to know what the rest of the week looks like!

Back to her first day... Somehow it was like she knew what was going to happen. Which is really weird, because she has no idea what "school" is or that you can take a bus to get there. Murphy walks, so it's not like she's seen him do it. But, when the bus got to our house, we told her that the bus was here, and she stopped what she was doing and was very cooperative putting on her coat and walking out the door. And we walked out the front door (which we never do and she went right along).

Here's Brandy carrying her to the bus...

And she wasn't scared getting on the bus. At all! Which I find absolutely astounding. And while the aide (rides with the bus driver) got Harlie in her harness, she cooperated as if she had done it a hundred times. No fear whatsoever, that girl. I just don't get it. After all she's been through, she's still open to new experiences! Amazing.

Here's Harlie, the aide (I think her name is Vonnie) and Brandy.

And here's sweet Harlie, all ready to go.

I told Harlie bye and signed "have fun at school" and she immediately signed "fun" right back to me. And she wasn't just repeating what I said, she was telling me she was already having fun!!! Seriously, how stinkin' sweet is that???

I gave Brandy the camera, and here are some pictures she took during the day.

Of course the IV antibiotics she's on is tearing her up. She's going through a lot of diapers. And she went through the pants she was wearing, and her back up pants and came home in a boy's size 5 pair of sweat pants. Now, that's a first day!

Here comes the bus to bring her home. Nope, we weren't staring out the window waiting for her. Not at all.

And home. After a very productive, fun-filled first day of school. See the cool sweats?

Her teacher sent a note home saying that they sang a song about losing a tooth, since she's the first one to lose one. And that she participated in all activities with NO refusals. Wow! What a turn of events!

That's it. More later!


Grandma said...

All I can say is how precious! That girls has stamina! We adults all could take a lesson from her and when the rode gets tough..the tough just keep on going!!! Never doubt that God has His Angels surrounding Harlie...She is our pride and joy!

Rebecca Bennett said...

How amazing. Grandma is right, we can all take a lesson from that little girl.

Lindsay said...

Love all the pictures - she looks like a total pro! Glad it was such a great first day!

paige stevens buchbinder said...

what an excited day for you all! that girl is absolutely amazing, how I love her so. Congratulations Harlie on your first day of school!

Donna said...

How awesome!! Glad she's already having 'fun'!!! :)
Hope we can get together soon - miss u guys!

Susan said...

Wow! I'm impressed she's already well enough to go to school. I'm so glad she had a great first day. She really deserves some fun. It's great! Really great!

Suzanne said...


She looks amazing! What a big, brave young lady. Parker just asked "Who dat?" Harlie is just as famous as Drew Brees in this house! He also said "Harwee have a trachy wike me." LOL. Yes! I think he thinks he still has it.

Hugs, Suzanne

Kim said...

Awesome! Sounds like it's just what the doctor ordered - kids, fun and FAR from the hospital. :)

So glad she got to go - keep us posted on her progress. I teared up over the bus photos. So cute. Harlie is growing up! (*sniff!)

Michele Andolina said...

I agree, Harlie looks GREAT!! She truly is amazing. So how long were pacing in front of the window waiting for the bus???!

Janis said...

How sweet they sang a song about her tooth? That is so cute!! From the looks of it she is doing so well after last week...WOOT!!