Monday, September 7, 2009

'twas the night before Kindergarten...

I cannot believe that tomorrow morning we will walk Murphy into his class for his first day of school! We moved into this house three years ago in June. For three years we've been going to the playground at his elementary school telling him that "one day, this will be your school". And now it's here! Three years just zoomed by. Blink. Gone.

I've completed the mounds of paperwork. Taken in the bag of supplies. Pulled out his clothes for tomorrow. Got his haircut. And I've told him to remember his manners about a thousand times. I suppose I'm "ready", as if I have a choice.

But before I go, I thought I would share some recent quotes from Murphy...

"Mommy, Cole and I don't have time to watch movies because we are too busy making our evil plans."

"I want a piece of the bad guy gum." It's Orbitz bubblemint. I have no idea why he calls it "bad guy gum" but whatever. When he had a play date with his friend Zach, I overheard Zach ask Murphy, "Does that gum really turn you into a bad guy?"

"I want to watch a movie with pretty girls in it." Um, scary. I suppose it could be worse. But still!

"I have to go potty. For real."

"Cole's mommy forgot to cut his nails. Which is great because now he can open the bags of food when I'm hungry."

And one of my all-time favorite quotes from earlier in the summer. Said (well, cheered rather) while pulling into the YMCA's parking lot one morning... "Yay! No more sports camp!"

Pictures of the big day tomorrow!

Take care,

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Heather Lewis said...

good luck today Christy! um, I mean Murphy! such a huge milestone! can't wait to see the first day pictures!