Friday, September 11, 2009

Can't think of a title for this one...

What a bad week for blogging. I'm so behind on things I've wanted to share.

Well, on to something that happened today. For the first time in a loooong time, I had NO appointments today!!! And it was my rest day in my training for my half marathon. So woo hoo all around! So, I walked Murphy to school, and Brandy and I loaded up Harlie and Cooper for some errands.

We met my friend Jennifer (who also doubles as Harlie's nurse, too) and her daughter, Kyleigh (who is just two weeks younger than Harlie). We went to the mall and were looking around in a children's clothing store. I was looking at some clothes when I overheard Jennifer and Brandy talking. I couldn't help but wonder what in the heck the sales clerk was thinking as she heard the conversation. Picture three women with three children. I suppose it's sometimes hard to tell how we all fit together.

Jennifer: Oh, this would be perfect for Harlie when she sleeps. She gets so hot.

Brandy: Oh, I know when I got her up this morning, her hair was matted to her head she was so sweaty.

Jennifer: And, I didn't give her a bath last night.

Brandy: Yeah, Christy and I talked about it and we didn't think she needed one.

Jennifer: Well, I just wiped her down and changed her trach ties and put her to bed.

Then I picked out some stuff and Jennifer picked out some stuff and put it on the counter to pay. Jennifer had a coupon, so we just bought them together so we would both get the discount and Jennifer paid with her card (we'll settle up later of course).

So after that conversation, we buy clothes on one bill.

To make it even funnier, Jennifer and I had just done the same thing a few days ago. But, I needed to exchange some things. So, I get out the clothes to return and Jennifer pulls out the receipt. The clothes that I was returning had the tags cut off. I told Jennifer (while the clerk was ringing us up) that Brandy didn't realize that I was going to return them and had taken the tags off to wash them and put them away. But luckily I told her about it before she put them in the washer.

So, to imagine being a complete stranger - not knowing our relationships - and hearing those conversations and seeing Jennifer purchase my clothes, too, (plus the receipt from a prior purchase together) just makes me laugh. We're buying clothes together, doing laundry together, one's putting the kid to bed, the other one's getting her up in the morning...

Oh, what a funny family we are.


Ann said...

It is sort of weird what your new normal becomes, isn't it? But in so many ways, it is so much more than most people get in their "normal" and mostly in a good way. It's very cool that you are such good friends with Harlie's nurses. I have much of the same type of relationship with several of Jack's St. Louis nurses. I haven't connected the same with any nurses here in AZ, but that's okay. I'm glad you enjoyed your day off.

Susan said...

I'm sure the clerk had some trouble figuring that one out. Options: Lesbian threesome? Hmmmm. Three single moms that are roommates and share childcare duties? Hmmmm. Sisters? Hmmmm. I'm sure it wouldn't occur to her that you were out with 2 of your child's nurses. I think it's great you have that kind of relationship with them.