Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh boy, are we in trouble...

So, we got back from our loooong day in Norfolk for Harlie’s pre-op visit with her plastic surgeon and I’m going through the mail (I dropped Tom off at work on my way home). Murphy and Harlie are playing nicely in the playroom. I’ve tuned them out (as parents of multiple kids know, it’s a matter of survival). When, “Come on Harlie, I KNOW you can do it”! somehow makes it to my brain. I look up and think, hmmm…. I wonder what he’s challenging her with this time. Then I hear, “Take another step Harlie”! GULP!!!! I jump up and run to the stairs and yes, he is coaching her up the stairs and she is on the third step from the bottom. AHHH!!! AND she had her backpack on with a full feeding in it! It must weigh 5 pounds – which on a 20 pound little girl is a lot! Whew! That was a close one!

After I scolded Murphy and explained that Harlie cannot go up the stairs without one of us, I let her go on up. She went the entire way with no help from me! We just did this exercise on Monday during physical therapy. What a long way she has come! She used to get too tired after just a few steps. And we couldn’t do it on that set because they aren’t carpeted. She would put her head down on the steps because she would get so tired. This time she looked so different. She is so much stronger. Every day I notice a difference. It truly is amazing to watch.

Anyway, Harlie’s nissen surgery is tomorrow. Dare I dream that she has thrown up for the last time in a long time???? The past few days have been especially awful. And now that she’s on the move, it gets everywhere. Oh, so many things I am hopeful for…We have to have her at MCV at 5:30 AM!!! So, I’m signing off. I will use our waiting time during her surgery to update you on our day’s events in Norfolk today.

Wish us luck that all goes as planned tomorrow and that it is a successful surgery!
Take care,

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