Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mr. Walt

So, we had another helmet adjustment today. Her helmet is definitely hard work on all parties involved!!! But, hopefully, once her head shape starts to improve, it will become easier. Harlie had a good day today. She was very happy and playful. She is ticklish now, which is fun. She only vomited once, which is great. Kate (Hannah’s mom) and Kate’s mom came to visit us today. We had a really good time.

Oh, I have a funny Murphy story I thought I’d share. He takes computer class at preschool. It is once a week and the teacher is Mr. Walt. Every now and then Murphy will say or do something we haven’t seen before. So, we say, “Murphy, who taught you that?” or “who showed you that”, etc. And, very often, (like unusually often) he will answer, “Mr. Walt”. And whatever the thing is – is not computer related! So, it is a joke between Tom and I that we really want to meet this Mr. Walt. He sure does know a lot.

Well, the other night Tom was putting Murphy to bed and Murphy told Tom that his stuffed lion farted. I’m laughing just thinking about it. Tom was surprised and said, “Murphy, where’d you learn that word?” And, you guessed it, Murphy said, “Mr. Walt”. I wish you could hear the way he says Mr. Walt. It is too funny. I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff. Kids sure do make life interesting. Well, that’s it for tonight. Talk to you later!

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