Sunday, June 10, 2007

Say it isn't so!

So, lazy Sunday, both Tom and I are feeling awful (colds, sore throats, etc.) when the phone rings. It's the doctor from MCV. He tells us that the blood culture they took during our Friday ER visit came back positive for Staph aureus (type of infection in the blood). I'm betting the culture was contaminated.

Although she's still tired a lot, and still requires O2, she has NOT had a fever. But, he said that we had to bring her back. And this time she would definitely be admitted (no talking my way out of this one) until another culture came back negative. And they have to give her Vancomycin (IV antibiotics) to be on the safe side. UGH!

Sometimes I feel like I'm going in circles!!!! Vancomycin is what probably led to her C-Diff. Which is probably what led to us being here - again - for the 3rd time in 5 days! I really am getting to know too many people here. It's scary. Nurses that had not had Harlie before already knew her history.

So, now we are back up in the Progressive Care Unit. But this time, we have a private room - the isolation room. So, that makes it better. I spoke to one of her cardiologists and told him I would REALLY like to be outta here by Tuesday morning. She has her appointment with Dr. Magee at 11am in Norfolk and I really don't want her to miss it. Especially since she's seeing ENT and I have a ton of questions for him. I know that wanting to see her craniofacial plastic surgeon might sound superficial, but it isn't. He is the one that will do the repair that will get her trach out. And after Tuesday's craziness - we REALLY want that trach out!!!

Oh, and on Thursday night she pulled her trach out for Tom when I was out. He got it back in, though, without too much trouble thank God.

So, hopefully, her blood culture from today will be negative and we will be able to leave here and still make it to her appointment in Norfolk on Tuesday. And she gets her helmet on Wednesday. So, we have a busy week and cannot be hanging out here at MCV! So, please keep your fingers crossed that everything is okay with her and that there isn't a more serious underlying issue they haven't found yet. Hopefully, this is just another speed bump and we will be back to making progress soon.

Thanks for your continued support. We really appreciate it.

Take care,

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