Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Quick trip to the ER

So, another crazy day in the Holton household.

This morning, I got Harlie up and brought her downstairs. She was sleepy again in no time. She slept a lot yesterday, too. So, I took her back upstairs for a nap. I hooked up the monitor, and her sats were in the high 60s. Definitely low for her. She's usually in the 80s.

So, I wait, just to make sure it's reading correctly. Then I turn on the oxygen and they go back up. She takes a nap and a while later I get her up for physical therapy. Our physical therapist brought over a piece of equipment to help her stand so she can learn to put weight on her legs. She also brought me some special foam to cut and put in her high chair to replace the towel that I was using to get her higher than the tray. By the time we got that all set up, we ran out of time for PT. Which was fine, I thought, because she was already tired again (after less than an hour). So, I take her back upstairs and check her sats again. Still 60s. So, I go on ahead and call her pediatrician. Who calls her cardiologist, who tells her to tell me to bring Harlie to the ER at MCV. UGH!

Of course, Brandy was off today. And Tom had to go to Charlottesville after work for a meeting. So I call my brother and arrange for him to pick up Murphy. Then, I get Harlie all loaded up. Hook the oxygen up in the car, and head on down there. We get all settled in, catch up with each other (it's pretty darn nice to know everyone there) and they take x-rays. The x-rays look better than they did a month ago - so that's good. They think maybe she was dehydrated, so they put in a line and gave her some fluid. Again, we had to go through finding a vein - so much scarring already.

Since the x-rays were so good, they think maybe she is getting a cold (something we suspected a few days ago). Unfortunately, because her right lung is compromised (chest mass), the slightest thing offsets her balance. She just has no reserve.

So, we get discharged and I sit in traffic for over an hour. I decided to stop at the grocery store for dinner on my way to get Murphy. It was the first time I've been in a grocery store with Harlie. And it went fine. I only had to suction her once.

Well, it is late. Talk to you later.

Take care,

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