Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Quick update.

Harlie seems to be getting back to her usual, happy self. She was very smiley today. She is doing great wearing her helmet. She is wearing it the full 23 hours a day now. And she really doesn’t seem to mind at all. We take it off to give her a bath and I will take it off during tummy time and to let her roll over.

She had physical therapy today and we left it on during the whole session. Hopefully the weight of the helmet is helping her gain some strength. Her physical therapist said she is doing really well. Harlie even sat up by herself for a few seconds. Hopefully once she learns how to balance and realizes she can use her arms and legs, she’ll really take off.

We went to see the GI doctor and nutritionist yesterday. Nothing too eventful there. She has C-Diff again. That’s a bummer. She had to have Vancomycin again in the hospital, so that’s not surprising. Plus, she’s on an antibiotic for her ear infection. She’s now on 7 medications. Ugh. We were down to 3 at one point.

We see a new ENT doc tomorrow (here in Richmond). The only ENT we’ve seen is one in Dr. Magee’s practice in Norfolk (other than hers in DC). Oh, you should see Harlie when Murphy walks in the room – she goes crazy! Her arms start flapping and she kicks her legs and laughs. It is so funny! Well, just a quick one tonight. I hope you are all well.

Take care,

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