Monday, February 26, 2007

Blood Drive

Well, after going back to the pediatrician’s office for Harlie’s RSV shot on Friday – her weight was 10 pounds, 8 ounces. Again, I don’t think that’s very accurate, but I guess we’ll find out for sure this week. She’s back on her Lasix 2x a day, so we’ll see what happens.

I came down with a terrible cold this weekend and Murphy is sick, too. I took him to the doctor today (it felt very weird to be there without Harlie!). One of Murphy’s ear tubes came out on Sunday and he has an ear infection today. Nice. So, I am trying to keep Murphy and myself away from Harlie (which is impossible to do!). I am just keeping my fingers crossed that Harlie doesn’t get it. Talk about really bad timing!

So, now that surgery is just a week away (yikes!)…I just wanted to throw this out there. At first, I was reluctant to do this. But, I talked to my friend Karen, whose daughter (Jameson) is having her 2nd heart surgery on Thursday. I’ve mentioned Karen before, we met when we were pregnant at our OB’s office in DC.

Anyway, Karen went up there today to donate for Jameson, who is also O+. They told her that there is a shortage of O+ blood! And to make it worse, for open heart surgeries they want the freshest blood possible, so they would only want blood donated on Thursday and Friday.

Unfortunately, since I came down with this killer cold, according to the list below, that makes me ineligible to donate. Clearly, I am VERY disappointed. (I am really hoping our luck starts to turn around.)

Anyway, I know that it is very difficult to do this with work schedules and the drive, but if you can, we would be forever grateful. So, if you would like to donate blood to Harlie, you can. Here’s the deal:

• Harlie is O+.
• Donations have to be done at Children’s National Medical Center in DC.Blood Donor CenterCNMC, 2nd FloorThursday hours – 7am – 4pmFriday hours – 7am to 2pm(202) 884-KIDS (5437) – please call to make an appointment (I found that 11am is very doable without much pain - leave here at 8:30am, be there by 11am)

• You have to donate 3-5 days before the surgery date. Since her surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, the only days available are Thursday (March 1st) and Friday (2nd). Here is a brief list that would count you out: (please call if you have any questions so you don’t drive all the way up there for nothing)Allergies- at least 5 days after an allergy shot Blood Transfusion- at least 12 months after Cancer- If you have had cancer, you can’t donateCold or flu, sore throat, diarrhea or any other viral symptoms within 5 days Dental work - 72 hours after any dental work/cleaning No diabetes No Drug useHeart trouble- only if you are not on any heart medication Hepatitis High blood pressure Incarceration within past 12 months (I am pretty sure all my friends and family are clear on this one) Medications Accutane, Proscar, Propecia defer 1 month Avodart defer 6 months Soriatane-defer 3 months Tegisone - permanent deferral Piercings - by non sterile environment STDs (have or had)Sickle cell Major Surgery within the past 6 months that required overnight stay Tattooing in the past 12 months Weight must be at least 110 lbs

If you are still reading this, and you would like to help, please let me know. The best way to reach me is to e-mail me at (I check it everyday).Thank you for all your support so far. Well, more details later.

Hope you are all well.

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