Thursday, February 8, 2007

Low weight gain

So, we went to the pediatrician yesterday. Unfortunately her weight gain was not what we had hoped for. She weighed 9 pounds, 11 ounces. That’s a 1 ounce gain in 6 days. Yes, you read that correctly. ONE ounce in SIX days! I don’t know how that can be. We went from her best gain ever to her worst gain ever. The only thing they can think is that her gain last week was more fluid than actual weight. Either way, we aren’t thrilled. I guess we’ll just wait and see what next week brings.

I found out tonight that her heart cath is scheduled for Monday the 19th. I don’t know when we’ll know the results of that. Tom put some videos under Family Videos. Just Murphy clowning around. Kelly, my niece, took the videos with her camera during the Superbowl. Thanks, Kelly! We’ll get some video of Harlie smiling and post that soon. She smiles so much! And today at the doctor’s office I know she was laughing. Obviously I couldn’t hear it. But I could tell. Made me happy and sad at the same time. Well, it’s late.

Talk to you later.

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