Monday, January 8, 2007

Road Trip

So, we took our first road trip since we've been home. On Saturday, Harlie and I came to Suffolk to stay with a friend of mine (Melissa). If ever you think that you don't travel light - you should have seen our car. I had one small bag. Harlie had the rest of the entire Honda Pilot. It is insane.

But one really good thing... the way Melissa's house is, the only real option was to put the oxygen concentrator and air pump in the garage, and take the tubing into the den. The good thing is that it finally dawned on me that we can do that at home, too!!! Putting that equipment in the garage will make things so much better at home. That equipment runs constantly and it is very loud and puts out a lot of heat. I don't know how we went this long without realizing this great solution. It will be so nice to have some quiet in our house again. It is the little things that we have learned to appreciate.

It has been really nice to get out of our house the past few days. Harlie and I were getting cabin fever. Melissa is a nurse so I had some help with Harlie, too. She watched Harlie for me today so I could get out for a bit, which was great. Tom and Murphy came down tonight (Monday). Murphy, Abby and Isabella (Melissa's girls) are having a slumber party and they are loving it.

So, the reason why we came down is because we have an appointment in the morning with Dr. Magee, the craniofacial plastic surgeon at Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters. I am really hoping that he'll have some positive things to tell us.

So, I think Harlie is feeling much better. I think giving all her meds at once was making her spit up. So, Melissa helped me with a meds schedule so all her meds are given at different times. We've been doing that for 2 days now, and already I have noticed a big difference. I think it is just easier on her tummy. Well, I'll let you know how our appointment goes.

Talk to you soon. Hope you are all well.

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