Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Feeding update

So, I have attempted to feed Harlie a bottle. It's a no-go so far. I try at each feeding. I know it is silly, but I REALLY hoped that she would just start sucking and swallowing and everything would be just dandy. Like I said, silly. But I only thought that because she took right to it during the barium swallow study. But I guess it is best that she did it during the study so now we know that she can do it. So, I'll just keep trying.

So, on Tuesday we had her monthly appointment with the pulmonologist. Right now I think that a monthly visit is just not necessary. First a nutritionist comes in and asks me a million questions. So, I have to go over everything that was discussed at the Feeding Clinic last week. Then she gives me her opinion of the whole thing. Then a resident comes in and asks me a bunch of questions - mostly repeats of what was covered with the nutritionist. Lastly, (thank goodness) the doctor comes in and - guess what - we go over the same information that I had to go over with both the nutritionist and the resident! Talk about frustrating!!

Then, I had to call the Feeding Clinic and discuss what the nutritionist talked about. UGH! Too many professionals, too little time! We tried to go from 5 feedings a day to 3. But, I think that was fluid overload for Harlie. Her secretions went up - our night nurse had to suction her every 15 minutes during the night. Her respirations (the number of breaths you take in a minute) were twice than normal. And she has slept more than she has in a while. She practically slept for 3 days straight! Her heart has to work so hard to process all that fluid. So, we gave her an extra dose of her heart medication and cut back on the amount per feeding, 4 times a day instead of 3. She seems like she is getting back to normal again.

Well, we go to the pediatrician tomorrow. We are hoping she'll be over 9 pounds. She'll be 4 months old tomorrow. Talk to you later.

Hope all is well.

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