Monday, January 29, 2007

Another busy week

Well, this week will be another busy one for us with 4 appointments. At our last pediatrician appointment they cultured her secretions to make sure she was germ-free. As it turns out, she's got a bug growing again. As her doctor said, we are walking a thin line with her. We don't want to over-medicate, but we don't want to leave her vulnerable, either. An average sickness could easily land her in the hospital, and we don't want that. So, we decided to give her a day or two to fight it on her own and see how she does.

On Friday, she has her CT scans in Norfolk. We will go down on Thursday after her weekly pediatrician appointment and will come back Friday afternoon. We will go back to Norfolk again on the 13th to talk to Dr. Magee about the scans and our plan of action. I am thinking that she will have to be fitted for a helmet to help her skull shape. Of course, we'll have to see a different doctor for that. But we'll see what he says.

I spoke with her Richmond cardiologist today about her next heart procedure (heart catheterization). They will put a line in one of her veins in her leg and follow it up to her heart. They will inject dye and take pictures while it is being pumped through her heart. This will tell them what they should do next. We don't know if she will be admitted and have to stay overnight or not. It depends on how she does throughout the procedure. She will be asleep, of course. She will have that done here in Richmond. They will send all the data to her DC cardiologist to go over everything with the surgeon. My friend, Karen, told me that the surgeon is going to be in Japan for a month Feb-Mar. (Karen's daughter has a heart defect, too, was born a few weeks after Harlie and they share heart docs). So, hopefully, we won't need him while he's away. Well, that's about it for now. I hope you are all doing well.

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