Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Settling in

So, things are going well, I think. We are certainly getting the hang of some things - and still trying to figure other things out. I think I finally got the feeding thing sorted out. Getting the milk to go into her stomach at the right rate has been trial and error so far. We tried gravity feeding for a while, but the supplies sent to us weren't really appropriate for that. So, yesterday I tried using what they sent us (bags with a feeding pump). Today, the feeding pump was giving me trouble. It wasn't letting milk get through the tube. So, I fiddled with some things and then all of a sudden - the milk was gone! She got fed in about 5 seconds!! Luckily, she tolerated it and didn't spit it back up. But I still felt terrible. But, now I'm straight. So, that won't happen again, I hope. Other than that, I think things are going better than I thought they would. We took her off oxygen this morning and she seems to be doing okay without it. Hopefully, she'll stay that way. We have an appointment with an eye doctor here in town on Thursday. Her left eye has been the hardest thing for me to get used to. It just looks like it would be bothersome. And I hate to think that she can't protect it. The doctors at Children's say it isn't urgent - but that just doesn't sit well with me. I want a plan. So, we'll see what this doctor has to say about it. Well, it's feeding time, so I gotta go. I hope all is well. Take care,Christy

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