Sunday, November 19, 2006

Photos are up

As you can see, we added some recent photos. Look in “My Baby Albums” for more.

The clear plastic mask-looking thing you see in the photos stays in front of her trach as much as possible. It is called a trach collar. It heats and moisturizes the air she breathes, since her mouth and nose can’t do that for her. That equipment is not transportable. So, when we go out we have to put an HME (heat moisture exchanger) or “artificial nose” over her trach. You can sort of see one in the baptism photo. That device has some spongy-type material in it that captures the moisture when she exhales and then puts it back in when she inhales. But she can only be off the collar for small periods of time. The dry air can dry her secretions and could plug the trach.

I’m told that when we get through the winter and she’s stronger, we can start to take her off the collar more and for longer periods of time. That will certainly be a welcome change.

So, I finally had a few minutes to spend some time on the computer and do some searching. I know that you are all busy - but just in case you are interested, I posted some links under "My Favorite Links". I found a "Famous People who have had Trachs" page. Pretty funny.

Well, it's time to feed Harlie. Talk to you soon,

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