Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Post-op Day 8 and Trach Change Day, AM Update

It is so weird to have such mixed feelings about today. I hate seeing her in this paralytic state, so I'm SO looking forward to her waking up. But, I'm really not looking forward to her being in pain from the various sources (pressure sore, IV sticks, bloating, mouth, ear, jaw, etc.). And, of course, the realization that she's trached again. How weird must that be... to wake up almost a week later and wonder WTH happened?

As much as I've worried about it, she will probably accept it and move on, as she always does, because she's so amazing. And that's pretty much how she's handled everything so far.

It is 10am and they finished rounding. We are just waiting on ENT to come and do that trach change. I've been told they are going to put the same kind and size in that she has now, a Bivona 4.0, cuffed. The cuff can be inflated or deflated. While inflated, it fills all the space around the trach tube and her trachea, so that the only air that goes in and out, is through the trach. And it is inflated while she's on the vent becuse it is easier to manage her vent settings when no air escapes.

However, when off the vent, the cuff can be deflated so air can escape, and go through her vocal chords, allowing her to talk. This is our hope.

Our nurse, who is great and was her nurse yesterday, said she can have education come by to talk to us about the vent, should she not be able to come off. Clearly, it is our hope that she can breathe on her own and not require the vent. For one, life will be better for her. And two, her cardiac physiology does much better without ventilated breathing. So, I told her we aren't ready to talk about that yet.


ENT just arrived and are setting up for the trach change. Its pretty crazy how big of a deal this feels when we've done hundreds of trach changes before.


Its done and all went well. They turned off her paralytic and now we just wait for her to wake up.

I'll update again later.



Sandy said...

Pins & needles!!!!!!

carla said...

Thinking of y'all so so much!