Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Post-Op Day 22

Post-Op Day twenty freaking two. That's what I sort of wanted to title this, if you get my drift. But I'm trying hard to keep my shit together and not start swearing (out loud).

She is still on trach collar, which means she is breathing completely on her own. She is just getting oxygen and humidifiied air via the collar.

She has coughed virtually non-stop, which must be awful for her. I can only speak from a parent's perspective (of a trached child) that it is freaking BRUTAL.

The non-stop coughing up secretions really wears on your brain.  Well, at least my brain. Nope. Didn't miss this crap AT ALL.

Physical therapy came and made her walk. She walked twice as far as she did yesterday. She walked to the nurses station and back, taking a break in between.

She was not happy about it, and you might be able to see her tear filled eyes, despite her smiling for me. She kills me.

After her walk, while she was in the chair, I tried to brush her hair. She was not having it. And she was pretty pissed/upset about her IV, which I can't do anything about. Every nurse has checked it out and none can see why she's so upset by it. By then occupational therapy was here and I left the two of them to fight it out play, while I went to the store for some detangler for her hair.

And, darn it, wouldn't you know I had to go to two stores? And then I accidentally took the long way to the second one? So I was gone a lot longer than I intended. Shucks.

They are moving us into a different room, same unit. This new room has a bathroom with a shower. And they want her to be able to start going to the bathroom instead of having to wear diapers. And they said she can shower, too, which she desparately needs. Twenty freaking two days, people. So, that should happen any time now.

Tom's sister, Kristie, will be here tonight. And then Tom will be here Saturday.

Oh, last night I thought I was going to lose it. At about 10:30pm, I heard a very loud generator-type sound with an annoying high pitched whistle, outside the hotel window. Oh my gosh. They were vacuuming the train tracks! Till like 2am!! What the hell? Rude.

So, tomorrow, if she is coughing less, which I really hope, then ENT is supposed to come and try a PMV (speaking valve). So, keep your fingers crossed for that to be successful.

That's it for now. Gotta get packed for the move two rooms down.

Thank you for your love and support!

Much love,
Christy xo


muzzymom said...

She looks so much better. She's in the selfie generation-always ready to pose for a picture.

Bea said...

So good to read these last couple of posts. She really is amazing and you too! Hang in there and lots of love to you xx