Monday, June 20, 2011

Lego Kids Fest!

This past weekend Tom and Murphy went to Pittsburgh to go to the Lego Kids Fest.  They had a blast.

They got to jump in a huge pile of legos.

And they could build whatever they wanted.

Build time!


In the process of building the United States.

Tom said this dinosaur head moved up and down.

Murphy standing in front of Heinz Field (home of the Steelers).

A maze.

An awesome fountain.
So, that's what they did for Father's Day.  They had so much fun and Tom said that Murphy couldn't have been any better.

One thing I don't get about Legos - why don't they make more "girl" lego sets?  Tom says because girls don't like Legos that much.  But, of course they don't when there aren't any girly Legos!!!  I think if they had them, girls would like them.  I love looking at Murphy's Legos.  And I'm a girl.  Girl Legos would be awesome.

Okay, that's it for now.  More later!

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Susan said...

Wow, THAT is a lot of Legos. I know what you mean. I had all those same thoughts. They did make a series called Belville. Look them up on Ebay. I think they didn't do well but I think there are a few sets still available. Evie loves the Harry Potter Legos. Actually she likes to build with the regular "boy" Legos too. FYI-you can buy some girly pieces individually on, pink bricks, flowers, play food &dishes etc.