Thursday, November 4, 2010

Therapy Updates

I found this shirt for Harlie at Kohl's - it says, "Everyone is thankful for me!"  She had to have it, of course.   And here's her hanging out with Cooper.   

It has been really fun to see the relationships develop between the three.  Cooper LOVES Murphy and just can't get enough of him.  Seriously.  It has become a major problem when Murphy is trying to do his homework, or eat dinner or breakfast.  Basically anything that prevents him from being able to play with Cooper.  And Cooper wants to roughhouse.  All the time.

Tonight I saw Harlie running through the kitchen with both arms up over her head, holding a toy in each hand with Cooper crying, chasing after her.  I love the moments when my house feels completely typical.

Today was Therapy Thursday.  It was a good day.  In feeding therapy, Allison recently started working on chewing.  She gives Harlie a piece of puffed corn wrapped in mesh and puts it in her back teeth to chew.

This is a slow process because Harlie is clearly uncomfortable with it.  She knows she can't handle food like that.

She starts by showing her it is in mesh and then touching it to her lips.  She actually did bite down on it three or four times (very soft bites).  We've also started giving her not-so-smooth purees - similar to an applesauce chunkiness.  And she's done really well.  Her feeding is going great.  She reaches her goal most days (even exceeding it some days!).

In speech therapy, Harlie was an energetic mess.  Here she is saying "I want house." 

At physical therapy she climbed a set of stairs (four or five stairs, I think) without using the hand rail.  She went up and down (putting both feet on the same step before going to the next) with no assistance and did great!  Traci (her PT) said that she can tell that gymnastics is helping.  Yay!

Well, I have more pictures (Halloween, etc.) and a video or two, but have completely run out of energy to put anymore time into this post!  Hopefully I'll update over the weekend.



B-Mama said...

OMG, I loved the video of Harlie at speech therapy. Her voice is so cute!! Can't wait to hear more...

Susan said...

Wow Christy, I'm so proud of Harlie, and I must admit a tiny bit jealous of Harlie's accomplishments. Go Harlie go! Who knows what's next.

Kristen said...

AWESOME! I love hearing her voice!

Grandma said...

I keep playing and playing it over...her voice is so special and I love the story about her and cooper. Your house is very normal...everyone know that right? How you find time to do what you do is you all.