Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good Stuff.

I am so glad that you all enjoyed my last post!  Eleven comments in one day!  Thanks, friends!  I loved all your comments - you are all so wonderfully supportive!  And funny!  And I love funny!  

Speaking of funny... Cooper was having lunch the other day when I went to change the clothes in the laundry room.  And when I came back into the kitchen, this is what I saw:

The book was on the table when I left.  He just loves that book.  Someone gave it to Murphy years ago.  Thank you!  That is the gift that keeps on giving in this house.  And finally, Harlie likes books, too!

Cooper tries to talk.  A lot.  Some words are clear - like apple, bee, cars, boat, horse, duck, I don't know, and there you go.  He was saying something to Tom the other night.  And Tom guessed "banana" and Cooper said (while clapping), "There you go!"  He tries so hard to say "cracker", but it doesn't sound much like cracker at all.  And "rock."  But it comes out as "rot" with an emphasis on the "t."  Milk sounds like "ma" and he finally for the first time signed "milk" and I went crazy, in a good way.  It's only been over a year and he FINALLY signed milk.  I have one word for you.


It is so funny how different siblings can be.  Trust me, this is not a shocker, as I have three myself.  It's just even funnier when they are your kids and they are so very different, despite all efforts to remain as consistent as possible.

Okay, enough of my kids.  Now on to ME.

I just want to say for the record, that I am both amazed at myself - and super, duper tired - because I have run 56 miles in the last 9 days.  Isn't that crazy?  Okay, that's really not that crazy, given that there are way more people out there that are far more athletic and accomplished than that.  And that there are hundreds of people in my training group alone (Sportsbackers Marathon Training Team) who are doing the same thing I am. BUT, in my defense, considering the circumstances, I think that's pretty darn crazy!  It's certainly not something I thought I would ever be doing.  And trust me, I can feel it.  I wish I could lighten my daily load right now, but that isn't possible.

Although, since our area was hit with... tornadoes? Harlie's feeding and speech therapies were cancelled because there were lots of trees down and damage to the Children's Hospital.  While that is terrible - I can't deny that I was happy to get out of some therapy this week.  We still took her to physical therapy, though, since that is on the other side of town.  Since we didn't have therapy in the am, I took her and Cooper to school and went for my required run.  By the time I got home, I had barely enough time to eat and it was time to pick up Cooper.  And since Harlie was at school (normally she's home after therapy on Thursdays), I had to pick up Murphy early from school, then go and pick up Harlie and Brandy from school, then go to PT.  Whew!  Not having therapy in the morning didn't really provide the break I thought it would.

The day ended on an exciting note.  We finally got an upright freezer for Harlie's food storage!  Woohoo!  Oh, the things that excite you when you have a special need's child.

You might remember that we have to puree all her food.  I have been pureeing it, then freezing it in ice cube trays.  Then I put the frozen food cubes in labeled ziploc bags.  Well, storage - or lack thereof - has been a huge issue.  I can only puree so much at a time and then I run out and have to puree food at inconvenient times.  And I have to pack two meals - which is four food items - each day.  Then she eats two more meals at home.  I could go on and on... but the fact is - that I am SO HAPPY to have some room!!!   I know this sounds ridiculous - but trust me when I say that I fully expect this to be LIFE CHANGING!!!  And not just for me - Harlie will have better variety - and I can concentrate on different entrees and meals!!!  YAY for us!!!

Tomorrow we have gymnastics again.  And thank you Lindsay for reminding me that it is ribbon time!  It is the last day of the session and Harlie will earn her first ribbon and button to put on the ribbon.  I cannot forget my camera!

Again, thank you all for your comments!  It is so fun to be able to talk about nothing but good stuff.  Oh, how things have progressed to a wonderful place.  Who knew it would be like this after four years?!  We have come so very far!!!



Sue Mitchell said...

You are SUPER WOMAN, Christy! I dont' know how you do it. You shouldbe so proud of yourself and what you have accomplished, with your running and with all your daily family matters that take so much of your attention. And how wonderful to read that Harlie is doing so well and loves gymnastics (and looks ADORABLE in that outfit!) Your blog for yesterday & tonight were just so uplifting.

Grandma said...

yeah for the freezer, yeah for your running accomplishments, and yeah for all that is going so well for all of you!!! It is so nice to hear such happy news...murphy doing better in school...harlie feeling healthy and being so happy and cooper starting to talk...happy times at the holton household. yeah!!

Ann said...

Love all the "good stuff". I agree, you are amazing for getting in all those miles. Good luck with the marathon ... what an accomplishment!

Susan said...

I love reading your posts and seeing what your family is up to. Harlie is amazing, she must get it from her mama! (No offense to Tom.)