Monday, November 22, 2010

Ortho Appointment Tomorrow

Just a real quick one tonight.  We have a very busy day tomorrow.  I am going to try to squeeze in some preschool for both Harlie and Cooper, a haircut for Harlie, and an appointment for me before heading up to Northern Virginia for Harlie's orthopedic appointment at 2:30pm (Tom says it's impossible and that I have completely overbooked the morning, which is probably true).

I think the last time she saw this doc was a year ago.  Probably longer.  And she wanted to see Harlie in six months.  But, that just couldn't happen with Harlie's heart surgery this summer.  There's only so much we can do.  It kills me how busy Harlie's schedule is - and that she can't accommodate every doctor's requests.  There's just too many!!!

And she's walking, jumping a little, trying to run (getting faster) and she's in gymnastics.  So, it's kinda easy to put her spinal issues on the back burner.  I'm hoping that since she's doing all those things, we can continue to put off her spinal fusion surgery (if that's still the way the surgeon wants to go).

The last time we spoke, the surgeon said that the longer we put it off, the more difficult the surgery will be (on both the surgeon and Harlie).  But the reason why we want to put it off is so she can grow.  Once you fuse the vertebra together, there will be no more growth in those areas.  And she's only four and still has a lot of growing to do.  So, we'll just have to see what the x-rays show tomorrow.

I have really enjoyed these long breaks from serious appointments.  And I'm not looking forward to the decisions regarding her spine.  No fun!!!

As always, I'll let you know how it goes!  Wish us luck!



Gretch said...

Best of luck!! Can't wait to hear what the ortho says about spine surgery! Praying it can wait some more now that she is using more and more muscle!!!

Tanya said...

Best of luck today. I remember years of discussing in situ fusions and internal instrumentation. Scary stuff trying to balance a desire for more growth against a desire to control the curves.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the doctors visit. I hope that they can let the surgery wait for a little bit. Harlie is having fun with her gymnastics and we don't want her to have surgery on her spine just yet. We will keep her and all of you in our prayers. Love Ron and Sue

Grandma said...

You know we wish her luck and hope so much she is not ready for that surgery. Harlie is doing so well right now I would hate to have any setbacks.. Love the video of the ABC's! talk to you tonight.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Best of luck with your appointment today. I hope that you can push the surgery off for a while longer!

Susan said...

I'm a little surprised to hear they are suggesting spinal fusion at her age instead of a brace. But I don't know much about it. Good luck with the appointment. I hope you find out that all the activity is paying off and this surgery is not in her near future.