Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Little Updates

I feel like there has been so much going on lately.  This might be a little choppy, but I want to update you on some things...


You might remember in a post recently that we finally purchased a stand up freezer.  We had so little storage that I couldn't puree a lot of food for Harlie at once, which really started to become a problem.  Now that she's eating so much more (hooray!) I need to have more food readily available.  So, the freezer was the only way to go.

It took me a few days to figure out what should go where (since the freezer had to go in the garage).  And then we spent a good part of that Sunday cooking, pureeing and freezing. It is SO great to be able to just reach in and get her food for the day!  What a stress reliever!!

A week went by and the freezer broke.

BROKE!  As in stopped freezing.

So, we had to squish everything back in our regular freezer and call in for service.  The earliest appointment we could get was for Wednesday.  But, luckily, the service guy called on Monday and said he had a cancellation and could come right then.  YAY!  So, he did and the control panel is broken and he has to order a new one.  It will be in on Monday.  Ugh.

Potty Training

For the last few weeks or so Harlie has been really into this book.  She picked it every night and likes to point out all the bugs in it.  One night she really looked at the critter wearing underwear.  And then she went to the drawer and pulled out a pair for her, too. So, I decided maybe it was time to try to potty train her.  Again.

And I am very happy to report that after two weeks, she is wearing big girl underwear all the time now!  She is still having some accidents, but for the most part, she does great!  I was trying to be very patient.  After all, she did have anoplasty at 12 months old and I was told by the surgeon that she could be five before she was potty trained.  So, I am pretty happy.  It looks like the surgeon did a great job.  He told me that she could have issues with leaking in between bathroom breaks - but so far, so good!  Which is so wonderful!

Laundry Room

Cooper started preschool three mornings a week, on September 28th.  Today was the FIRST day that I took him to school, came home and was able to work on things here without having to leave the house.  It was wonderful!  I was busy, but it was so great to get so much done here.

Tom bought some old laundry room display cabinets from his work months and months ago.  On Saturday, we finally started that little project - renovating our laundry room.  Our washer and dryer were side-by-side and the cabinets above were practically inaccessible.  It was terrible.  The space was not being utilized at all.

But that is no longer the case!  WooHoo!!!  Tom stacked our washer and dryer (which I love) to give us much more usable storage space.  There are cabinets with shelves and drawers!!!  Drawers!!!  Like six of them!  And one of the cabinets has a built-in clothes basket.  Love it!

It's not finished yet, but most of the room is move-in-able.  So, after we tore our house up on Saturday and Sunday, I have been working hard to find a home for everything.  The new storage options have caused a chain reaction of reorganization throughout the house.  For a while there we looked like hoarders with everything out everywhere.  But, it looks better now.  Especially since I had a few hours of uninterrupted time to work on it today.  I'll be sure to take a picture to show you when it's all done.  Which hopefully will be in a  couple of weeks.


So, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, Murphy starts calling me and Tom, "Mom" and "Dad." The first time I heard it I stopped in my tracks.  Wait a minute, kid.  You're only six.  I am far too young to be called "Mom."  By a six year old.

So, I pretended not to notice.  For a few days.  When I finally broke and asked him why he was calling me Mom.  (In this older voice with this weird tone to it.  Ugh.  I was NOT a fan.)  He said, "because I'm getting older now."  Geez.

So, I let it go.  Until tonight.  I cracked.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I don't know why, but it was like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.  So, I asked him if he could please go back to calling us Mommy and Daddy while in the house since Cooper learns so much from him.  I told him that Cooper was far too young to be calling us Mom and Dad.  And Murphy said okay.  And resumed calling us Mommy and Daddy.  Ahhhh, back to normal.

So, is six the age when they start saying Mom and Dad?  Am I crazy for thinking that's a little young?  Oh, I am so not ready for him to grow up.  I suppose we never are.

Thanks for reading!


Just Diane said...

Sorry to hear about your freezer. Hopefully that will get cleared up soon. Coincidentally, my husband just emptied a freezer we have in our garage because I tend to forget I have things out there. I really need it IN the house.

I have 5 children... When the older 3 were younger (they are (nearly) 19 (nearly) 17 and 12)... one called me mom, one called me mommy, and one called me momma. They STILL call me that. The 17 year old (Justin) calls me mommy. The babies are 3 and 4 and they call me mommy or momma but sometimes call Craig Dad. I don't think I ever thought about being bothered by being called mom. Funny story... if you ask the babies what my real name is they say Ms. Diane! lol

Susan said...

It's amazing how much happiness functional things like freezers and laundry rooms can bring.

I wonder....my 9 (almost 10) year old still calls me mommy although I get a "mom" from time to time. It probably depends on the kid. I love that you tricked him into going back. Enjoy every "mommy" you get because it sounds like you won't be hearing it for long.

Sue Mitchell said...

Good luck at the marathon tomorrow. I'll be rooting for you even though I can't be there :)