Sunday, November 21, 2010

Road Trip to Pittsburgh

I hate that it has been another week since my last post!  But, last week was really busy and I was really, really tired for a few days recovering from the marathon.  Ahhh, I love saying that!  I apologize now for you getting sick of hearing about it.

So, on Sunday, after the marathon, Tom and I got up early (grrr!) and got in the car to head to Pittsburgh, PA for the Steelers vs. Patriots game.  It sounds crazy that I would agree to such a thing.  But, after much discussion and thought, I decided that I would probably get more "rest" going on the trip, than staying here with the kids by myself.  So, many begging and logistics issues later (it is NO easy task getting coverage here), we were on our way.

We made good time and the plan was to drive straight to the hotel so I could lay horizontal for a while and do NOTHING.  Ahhh, what a thought!!!  Instead, Tom surprised me and drove straight to a... gulp.... SPA!!!  Hallelujah!  He packed a bag with a small bottle of flavored vodka, soda and a glass and sent me on my way.  I got a 75-minute massage (WOW!) and a manicure.  As good as it sounds to get a massage - it was not all good.  My muscles were tender!  So, it hurt, too.  But, I definitely think it helped get me moving easier.  Here's a funny video to illustrate what it is like...

After that we went to Primanti Bros. for a sandwich.  Yum!  They put coleslaw AND french fries right ON the sandwich.  Then it started to rain.  Bummer.  And it was getting pretty darn cold.  Ew.  Not a good combination.  So, while Tom was out with a friend, I went to the hotel to get ready to go out for the game that night.  I really didn't think I had the energy (or the desire) to go out in the cold, wet night for the game.  The childless room and king-sized bed were calling my name!!!!  But Tom promised the rain was almost done, and so I went.

We ended up having to walk a good 15 minutes to the stadium.  We went to one of Tom's friend's tailgate party for a little bit (thanks, Megan!) and they said they were going to head over around 7, I think.  So, we left a little earlier so I could walk the pace I needed to walk.  Surprisingly, it wasn't as painful as I expected.

We got to the stadium and I was hungry again.  Hey, I burned over 3,000 calories the day before - I needed FOOD!!!  So, we looked around and nothing looked really good.  Until we found a Primanti Bros.!!!  So, yes, I ate ANOTHER sandwich.  It was good and I had no problems eating another one.  Crazy, huh?

Then, it was time to head to the seats.  Uh-oh.  Stairs.  And lots of them.  I made it up (no fun, there!) and decided I could drink no more - I couldn't risk having to go to the bathroom.  I was not going to walk back up those stairs!

The rain had stopped.  But it was cold.  And we weren't completely prepared.  It had been over five years since we'd been to a game.  We forgot a blanket.  Bummer.  Tom ended up having to buy one.

Here's us at the beginning of the game:

I am happy to report that Tom shaved the beard on Monday.

Well, the game stunk.  The Patriots walked all over the Steelers and it was terrible!  There was NO energy in that stadium.  And the guy right behind me complained/commentated the entire time.  And since it was an 8pm game - I was pooped by the end!  Morning came too early and again, we headed to the car for the long drive home.  Even though the game was a bust, we still had fun.

Thank you to Jennifer, Dawn, my Mom, Kelly and Maggie (my nieces) for helping us out that weekend.  In order for us to be away, we need a nurse for Harlie and a sitter for the boys.  Logistics for a trip is a nightmare.  Which contributes to why we don't do it often!  Jennifer, especially, pulled a lot of hours.  We couldn't have survived the weekend without all their help.  So, thank you!!!!


Just Diane said...

That is awesome of your hubby to do that for you! Awww.

That is a great picture of you two.

Tracy said...

Oh wow how fun! We live abut 2 1/2 hrs from Pittsburgh and have never been to a game. We've been to a baseball game there though. Not as cool as seeing the Steelers.

Love Primanti's though I am not a big fan of fries. Some of the Primanti restaurants have pizza as a specialty too. Their pizza is really good and even better the next day.