Friday, June 11, 2010

We're Home

We were discharged shortly before 10pm last night.  And we got home a little after midnight.  That stretch of road between here and DC is always heavily traveled - no matter the time.  There was a lot more traffic than we expected.

Harlie watched a movie (Monsters, Inc. is her current favorite) on the way home and then when it was over she passed out.  When I got home and opened all the doors and the car lights went on, she didn't move.  Tom took her out and she signed "night-night" three times going upstairs.  She was one tired little girl!

And now, so am I!  And I have a killer cold (Tom says it's a stress cold).  Anyway, I feel awful.  So, Harlie and I are just going to chill today.   My friend Sarah still took Cooper today to give me a little more of a break.  Sarah's son is the same age as Cooper (only a week or so apart) and they had a blast playing together yesterday.  Thank you so much Sarah!

I have more to tell you about - and I have some pictures.  But, I'll have to do that later.  Just wanted to let you know we are home and Harlie is happy.

Thanks for all your support!!!!


Donna said...

So happy Harlie's home and that it was so uneventful!...but really sorry you're feeling so bad. I hope you feel better soon...let me know if there's anything I can do to help out.

Sarah said...

No problem, we are having fun! They are both passed out for now, but I will run them around outside this afternoon. We're going to make sure he sleeps well tonight and gives you lots of rest. Feel better!!

Michelle van Meter said...

So glad that everything went well, or at least as expected and that they will be able to go through with the surgery as planned.
Sorry to hear that you are feeling bad :( Hopefully some rest will do you good.

Kristen said...

So glad everything went well! I was thinking of you all day! I called Heather at the end of the day to make sure all was still well.

I too am "happy" she can have her Fontan. It must be weird to be glad your little girl is having open-heart surgery...again. But I completely understand!

Susan said...

Hope you're feeling better after some rest!

Sue Mitchell said...

I know you are glad to be ome - so glad this one went well. Sorry to hear you are sick. Hope you get a chance to rest and recuperate quickly. Looking forward to more updates and pictures when you feel up to it.

Anonymous said...

So sorry you have not been feeling good but glad you all are home and that Harlie did good with the heart cath. Mike and Marcy

Michele Andolina said...

I was so glad to hear they gave a "get out earlier than expected" card!! I hope the weekend went well and that things are improving. I know you're all glad to be home.