Monday, June 7, 2010

Busy Monday

Today I took Harlie to preschool.  It is such a treat to see her in action at school.  She really loves it there.  When we left, we were going to the car, and I think she was a little sad that we weren't getting on the bus.

I went straight to pick up Murphy from school and then we went home.  Then put Harlie back in the car to go to her pre-op appointment with her pediatrician (for her heart cath on Thursday).  Unfortunately, the hospital wanted blood work done, so that meant that we had to go to the lab.  Luckily, my Mom could stay and hang out with the boys.

I was dreading them drawing blood.  But I am so happy to say that Iris (yes, I asked her name because she was AWESOME) did a wonderful job and got it on the first try.  To be honest, I was a little afraid of Iris at the beginning.  She wasn't exactly warm and fuzzy if you know what I mean.  While we were waiting in the waiting room, she barked at a guy that came in right at 5pm (closing time) and told him he had to leave because they close at 5:00.  I mean, he had already made it in the front door, how can you kick him out?  To prove her point, she looked at the clock at it said 4:59, so she grudgingly let him stay.

So, when she did such a great job, I was so happy and thankful that she completely changed into this sweet, happy lady.  It is amazing how much a person changes when they get some appreciation.  I'm betting that she doesn't hear many thank you's.

Anyway, the night goes on, and Cooper decides to try to climb up the back of the couch, and then say "Wee!" as he slides onto the couch.  Harlie sees him doing this, and, of course, wants to do it, too.  They weren't hurting anything, and it was really cute (not to mention good physical therapy for Harlie), so we let them play.  Somehow, Harlie banged her front tooth - on the COUCH - and hurt it.  The couch!  You know, the soft cushy thing you sit on?  How in the world did she hurt her tooth on the couch???

Well, it bled for a long time.  And when I was finally able to get her calm enough for me to have a look in there - I could clearly see that she got it good.  I'm not too concerned about the bleeding itself, she's on baby aspirin every day, so that could explain the excessive bleeding.  But, the whole area around the tooth is bruised.  To be honest, I'll be surprised if she doesn't lose it.  

Seriously???  During moments like these, I get mad.  For real?  Like she doesn't have enough oral/facial issues?  Can't she just keep her flippin' front teeth?!?!?!

Maybe I'm more worried/upset than I should be.  Maybe it will be okay.

Luckily, we have an appointment with her plastic surgeon tomorrow.  And he is/was a dentist or oral surgeon.  So, hopefully he will be able to tell me something.  Preferably something good.

Oh, and I have an ice cream update.  The other night, we went to Bruster's for ice cream.  We had a coupon and a gift card, so we scored.  It was funny.  As we were sitting on a bench, eating our ice cream, watching the kids play, Tom said, "Whoa, be careful.  This feels almost normal."  Of course, we tried to get Harlie to taste some.  No go.

So, Tom tried again tonight.  She finally relented and took a small spoonful.  Hopeful that she actually liked it, we offered her another bite.  Nope.  Not happening.  I don't believe she can taste much anyway.  I gave her some pureed strawberries and when I tasted them, oh boy were they tart!  So I gave them to her, thinking she should definitely have some reaction.  Nope.  Nothing.  So far the only thing she reacts to is thickness of the puree, or texture.  Oh well.  Hopefully that will change in the future.

More later!


Susan said...

If it were me I'd be bummed about the tooth too. But my fingers are crossed that it will be fine. I can't wait to hear the update from the plastic surgeon.

Glad you got to enjoy some "normal" moments. Ainsley doesn't like icecream either. I think the extreme cold is too much for her. Someday, though, right?

I hope you have a good week.

Just Diane said...

Oh no! I hope her tooth is okay. Will be praying for some good news about that.

My oldest daughter did not like ice cream when she was little but she also didn't like being left out when the boys were eating some. I decided to try cool whip in a cone and she LOVED it.

Jennifer and Elizabeth said...

When E had her trach I was told from everyone in the medical field that she wouldn't/couldn't taste anything unless it was a super strong taste and smell. Which makes sense being your taste buds are on your tongue, but activte by air going over them from your nose. Just like when we have a cold and can't taste our food well with a stuffy nose. I don't know if Harley has a leak around her trach or not, but I imagine if she doesn't, that's why she doesn't react to taste. Just a thought and my 2 cents for what it's worth. ;-)