Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Norfolk trip

Ahhh, our last trip to Norfolk (for a while) is behind us.  Her doc decided to take her off the antibiotic, which was great news.  I'm all for one less medication!  

For the most part, her appointment went well.  Since it was her last one with him, and she just had labs done for her heart cath, and she'll be in good hands in just three weeks, he didn't make us go to the lab for blood work.  YAY!  

The only issue we had was his concern for her high hemoglobin (red blood cells).  To be honest, he kinda worried me a bit.  But I have learned to not listen to a doctor's opinion/concern for something that isn't that doctor's specialty.  

He was going off her labs that were done last month.  Her monthly hemoglobin levels for the last three months have been 14, 16.1 and 17.5.  I think what made him so concerned was the consistent rise in numbers.  And they are higher than the norm.  So, he called a hematologist to get his opinion.  Of course, he said he wanted to see her pronto.  As in before her surgery.  I didn't argue with him, but there was NO way I was going back down there to see a new specialist.  Period.    

So, as soon as we got home I e-mailed her cardiologist and asked him about it.  He said - given her cardiac status - he would be surprised if her numbers weren't high.  It is a result of living with low oxygen levels, called hypoxia (a condition in which the body as a whole or a region of the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply).  

I didn't ask him anything else (like if things will balance out after the Fontan).  So, I don't know anymore than to not worry about it for now.  Which, quite frankly, is good enough for me.  

Yay for not having to add another specialty!!!


Janis said...

Can you add a reaction that says WOOHOO!!


Beverley said...

Leyda's #'s are high too. We were given the same rationale...low oxygen require more cells to carry every little bit of O2 available. No worries!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I think you were very smart to ask someone who is familiar with the issue! I hate when someone gets worried about something that isn't their field. It usually causes unncessary concern!

I'm glad you are done with that doctor, one less is great! :)

B-Mama said...

My very limited medical knowledge would say that the Fontan procedure will, indeed, help the oxygen levels and subsequent hemoglobin levels. Your doc probably figures that, which is why he's not jumping to conclusions. Good man! You don't need anything else to stress about... So glad to hear you all checked yesterday off your list. Hope the boys were well-behaved for you! I'm sure they did great.

Rene said...

Great to hear you're down one less med and one less doctor!

Susan said...

HOORAY for finally getting off that darn anti-biotic! And HOORAY again for sidestepping the specialist!