Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hide and Seek

On Wednesday, Jennifer (one of Harlie's nurses) and Kyleigh (her daughter, same age as Harlie) were over. Kyleigh wanted to play hide and seek with Harlie. So, she started counting to 10 out loud. I was thinking that it was sad that Harlie couldn't count so Kyleigh could hide.

Harlie can count to 10 - but with sign. In fact, she just learned it last week. Just in case you're curious how to count to 10 in sign, here's a video...

Anyway, even though she can sign, that won't do much good for playing hide and seek. So, I was feeling a little bummed about it until I realized she could use her communication device! It has a numbers page! And I added a button that says "ready or not, here I come!"

It was the cutest thing! Harlie would count on the device and Kyleigh would hide in the bathroom. Harlie would go straight for the bathroom, open it, they would both laugh, then Harlie would go into the bathroom and Kyleigh would go and count. And Kyleigh would count using the device, too, which was really cute. But, if she took too long to count, Harlie would come out of her hiding spot. I guess she doesn't have a lot of patience.

It was the sweetest thing to see them playing together like that. And I think it is the perfect example of how beneficial a communication device can be. I love that thing. And she loves it, too.

More later!


Heather said...

such a great story! I would love to see a video of that!

Susan said...

I second that! A video of hide and seek, please! Way to go problem-solving a way for her to be the seeker!

Sarah said...

Next time we are over I want to see that thing! Meant to look at it last weekend. So awesome that it is helping her so much!