Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I have a lot of catching up to do...

Harlie went to the dentist last week. Her last visit was in August 2009. And surprisingly, her dentist said her teeth looked good, all things considered. Well, since she was wired shut for 10 weeks, lost her front tooth, and she had some major staining after feeding her blueberries, I just thought it was time for a check up.

She was far from cooperative. But, the dentist was able to do what she needed to do. She saw some spots on some of her teeth and said she needed to check to make sure they weren't cavities. I held my breath and said some quick prayers that she would not find any. I really would rather not add having to take care of a cavity to our list right now. Especially since a procedure like that would have to be done under anesthesia, which would mean I would have to find a dentist at another facility to do it. Um, no thanks. I'm booked for the rest of the summer, thank you!

Thankfully, they don't appear to be cavities at this time. YAY! Just some staining from those bleeping blueberries! She told me to brush her teeth with baking soda. Which I haven't done yet. Oops.

Okay, more later!

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Just Diane said...

Awesome! I always cringe when I have to take my kids to the dentist. My 12 yo is getting braces next week. She is in a major poo poo mood today because her mouth is sore from the spacers. I was lucky with the older 2 as their teeth are beautiful. Enough about me though.
Glad you all are doing good! Big hugs.