Thursday, June 10, 2010

Heart Cath Underway

Just wanted to give you a quick update that they took Harlie back close to 12:30.  The doctor said that he is thinking it will take about three hours, give or take.  Access has been a growing issue.  Hopefully he will gain access without too much of a fuss. 

Harlie broke my heart this morning.  After we got loaded in the car, we went to pick up Jennifer at her house.  When we got there, Harlie pointed at her house and signed Kyleigh's name (Jennifer's daughter).  She just signs the letter "K" over her heart.  I just hate that she couldn't go and play - instead she had to come up here for a heart cath. 

She was really good while we waited for them to come and get her, though.  She has discovered my IPOD Touch and loves to play on it.  So, the other day I downloaded some preschool games on it for her.  She would play them all day long if I let her.  But, it really did make waiting a million times easier, for me and for her.  Whatever she needs to take her mind of the scary stuff that's going on, is fine with me. 

They let me carry her into the cath lab and be with her while they gave her some sleepy stuff to breathe.  I wish all procedures could be like that. 

I'll update you later. 

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!

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Janis @ Sneak Peek At Me said...

Glad it went so smoothly thus far. ((HUGS))