Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Update (11am)

Well, they rounded on her about an hour ago. She's only had low-grade fevers for over 24 hours, so they are considering letting her go home. Woo Hoo! Now, I don't want to rush her out if that's not what's best for her. But they are telling me that switching to oral (well, through her g-tube) meds will be okay at this point. I do think that she always seems to improve faster once she's home and happy.

She had a decent night last night. She seemed to sleep soundly till 4am. Which I was very thankful for. Then after that, she needed suctioning every hour. Sunday night she needed suctioning every single hour during the night! Once she woke up for the day (at about 7am) we got dressed and I took her with me downstairs to get some breakfast. (Thanks, Jennifer!) Since I can't leave her alone, it was stressing me out how I was going to get food. So, taking her with me was the perfect solution!!! Plus, I think it did her some good to get out of the room for a bit.

So, the rounding doc is supposed to talk with her cardiologist here to make sure that she's fine with discharging us. I'm pretty sure that she'll be completely comfortable with that. Hopefully we'll get the final okay soon, so Tom can come back and get us. He left last night to try and get some work done so we wouldn't be taking too much time off. We need to save his time for her surgery... whenever that time comes.

Even though this has been another short stay, I'm anxious to get home. Cooper is army crawling all over the place and I'm pretty sure he's going to start crawling "officially" any day now. I really don't want to miss it! Tom weighed him on our baby scale the other day and he weighed 19 pounds and 5 ounces! He's only 6 months old! We are not used to having a fat baby, but we are loving it! We should start taking bets on when he will surpass Harlie (she's still 24 pounds). He's only 5 pounds away. Maybe when he starts moving around more his weight gain will settle down a bit.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted! Wish us luck!


Donna said...

Yeay! Fingers and toes crossed you're coming home! Glad you both got 'a little' sleep last night too! :)

grandma said...

cooper is saving all his new tricks to when you come home...we are working on clapping for you arrival. the boys are being very good mommy..don't worry. we are going for a walk and getting the growing baby fresh air!

Tracy said...

Glad to hear you guys will be going home. As for the growing baby. I hear ya. My other three girls were much bigger then Maggie at her age. Maggie weighs just 1 pound more then Harlie.They are just pleasantly petite.LOL.