Sunday, April 19, 2009

In DC hospital

So, we decided to take her to the ER at the Children's Hospital in DC. It took us most of the day to unpack from Friday, do laundry and then re-pack. It wasn't easy considering I had no idea how long of a trip to pack for. I packed on the heavy side in case you're wondering.

After a very depressing 30 minutes in the ER (lots of people yell at their sick kids, which was painful to witness) we were whisked away by some good ER nurses. Once they found out she was a cardiac kid with some heavy breathing, they kicked into high gear.

Then we went through an hour of torturing Harlie. I swear, that girl is the strongest kid I know. I hope she doesn't suffer long-term consequences from all that stuff. It took 3 limbs and 4 tries till they finally got an IV. Then they had to take urine and then get x-rays. She promptly passed out and is sleepy soundly now.

She's been admitted to the Heart and Kidney Unit. This building is new since her last stay here and the rooms are really nice. In fact, I am using their computer that is also the flat screen TV. The only problem is that I can't see the screen that well. If I have typos, that's why. Anyway, Tom went back to the Ronald McDonald House and I'm staying here with Harlie.

As of right now, they told me that the surgical team knows she's here and that she has a fever. But, they are keeping her on the schedule for right now. I guess they want to see what her blood work shows first before making any decisions. I don't know. On our way up here this afternoon, Tom and I were talking about how we feel about the surgery getting postponed several times. I'm starting to think that we all need a break from thinking about the Fontan. And Harlie's veins might need a break, too. So, maybe if they don't want to do the surgery for a week or so we will ask them if we can wait till mid-May. But, we'll just have to see what they say in the morning before making any decisions. I think Tom and I will be fine with whatever happens. We're just tired of stressing about it.

So, as soon as I know something and can get to a computer, I'll let you know. A friend of mine suggested I use a ghost writer when I can't get to a computer. That sounded like a good idea to me. That way I don't keep you in the dark for too long. It is so wonderful to know that you care. Thinking that people are waiting for me to update the blog really helps my spirits in some weird way. Whatever works I suppose.

Well, that's it for now.


Heather said...

so much going on! and I am so sorry that you are in the ER again and that Harlie is still feeling rotten. we'll be thinking about you tomorrow and hoping that whatever happens is the best decision for your family and especially for Harlie. thanks for the faithful updating and I love the idea of a Ghost writer!!! brilliant!

Donna said...

Been thinking of you all day and really wishing you didn't have to go through all this extra turmoil. Sending stong thoughts and prayers your way for tomorrow. Give Harlie a big kiss and hug from the Hayes clan.


Suzanne said...

What a day! Hang in there. Harlie needs you to have all the strength and patience you can muster. Her time will come. Tomorrow or another day. Hugs, Suzanne