Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cooper's RSV update

Last night was better than I expected. We put him in his car seat to sleep and brought him into our room for the night. I was hoping that sitting up would help his drainage. He only woke up twice during the night so I think that might have made a difference. Made me feel better, anyway. We had the oxygen ready to go, but he didn't need it. Around 7am he started coughing and he just could not stop. It was terrible.

Later on in the morning the pediatrician's office called and asked me to bring him in for a follow up visit. He is wheezing and more junky sounding today than yesterday. And she said that he's working a little hard to breathe. But, you really wouldn't know it by looking at him - he looks just fine to me. He's not even fussy. Tired, but not fussy. He's definitely sleeping more and eating less, but all in all, I think he's doing fine. I'm giving him breathing treatments every 4 hours. She said she didn't know if it would help the RSV exactly, but it might help him cough up some stuff, which might make him feel better. Maybe. Worth a try I guess.

The doc told me to periodically check his sats with our pulse ox and if his numbers go below 95 that I have to take him back to the hospital. He's at 96 right now, so we're good!

Well, time for another breathing treatment and hopefully we'll all get some good sleep tonight.

Take care, Christy

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Ann said...

Christy, I hope Cooper is able to get through the RSV quickly and at home. But for your experience with Harlie, it's likely he'd have been admitted by now given his age. Sounds like you have a great pediatrician who respects your knowledge and your ability to hook up the medical equipment when needed :-) I guess there are some "bonuses" to have a medically fragile child!