Monday, December 1, 2008

Boys keep you on your toes.

Today was probably one of the most overwhelming days I've had in a long time. It requires more time and energy than I have right now to tell you about it. So, hopefully I'll get some time tomorrow to write.

For now, I'll just tell you about one of my recent conversations with Murphy. They are always so interesting and sometimes I just am so distracted I don't see where they are headed.

The other night, between giving Harlie water, suctioning, changing diapers, etc. Murphy, holding a cordless phone, says, "Mommy, where's the number 9?" Clueless me, who is on my way to another task, stops suddenly, thinks to myself - he knows what the number 9 looks like - turns around and says, "Oh, right here, sweetheart." As I go back on my way to complete whatever it was I was doing, stepping over toys, children, etc., I barely happen to hear Murphy say, "I'm going to practice calling 911". WHAT?!?!

If I could spell the screeching sound you hear when brakes are applied strongly and suddenly, I would. Because that's what I heard in my head when I could not turn around and run to the phone fast enough. Thankfully, he did not have a dial tone when he dialed 911, but it was there, on the screen, big as life. WHEW! That was a close one.

Little boys. They sure do make life interesting.

Take care,


Grandma said...

OH MY GOD!!!!! The plus side...he knows how to do it, if you ever truly needed it...but, well, he needs to know when to do it...

Christy and worries are just won't be over till well....look at me, at my age and I still worry about my never ends!!

Ann said...

Just wait . . . Halie isn't too far behind his footsteps! :-)

Ann said...

Make that "Harlie". sorry!