Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quick one

I only have a minute because I really need to get to bed. Cooper has been trying to sleep through the night lately, which has been wonderful. Last week he slept till 4am two nights in a row and then he slept till 5am two nights, but then went back to waking up at 1am and 5am. So, we'll see how he does tonight.

It's been another busy week (who has slow ones, anyway?) On Tuesday we had an appointment at the pulmonary clinic. Really, I just go so we can see her nutritionist (Anne). And this time we were going to talk about how to transition from formula to a blenderized diet. But, after waiting for more than an hour and a half, we find out that Anne sprained her ankle and wasn't there. Great. But, they weighed and measured her (she weighs 24 pounds and is 33 inches tall) so they were going to give all her measurements to Anne and she's supposed to call me to let me know how we're doing and what the next step is.

One big thing that happened last week is that we got Harlie down to half-hour feedings instead of hour feedings. What a huge change and improvement for us! That equates to 2 hours that Harlie doesn't have to wear her feeding backpack, which is just great. AND the BEST change is that we finally got her OFF her continuous night feed! YAY!!! It has never felt right to me that she ate while she slept. (Or that it took her an hour to eat what a baby can down in minutes.) So, I really feel like we are getting her to a more normal feeding schedule which will hopefully help us when we finally transition to a blenderized diet.

Well, it is getting late and we have an early morning appointment, which is very challenging for the kids. I'm really looking forward to it.

Take care,


Shylent said...

Great news on the feeding changes ! Sounds like Harlie is just chugging along there - You Go Girl !

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Harlie. She is one pound behind Linnea!!! Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

The Ornberg Clan