Saturday, November 1, 2008

Murphy's Fashion Problems Continue.

So, after Thursday's fashion debacle, I made the time to go through Murphy's dresser and pull out all his old clothes so that only appropriate attire would be available. In doing that, I found a pair of jeans that were given to me by a friend. I wasn't sure if they would fit him - but I put them in the drawer so that I would remember to try them on him later. There was also a pair of old overalls that he used for his costume for Halloween last year (he was Farmer Brown). I don't know why I didn't remove them. I was trying to finish up and I just made a mistake. An error in judgment, if you will.

So, on Friday morning, I was feeding Cooper and Murphy walks in the room with the jeans that were given to me (that I had not tried on him yet). Well, they were WAY too big. I mean, falling down to his knees too big. So, I said to Tom, "Those jeans are too big!" To this, Tom sighed loudly, rolled his eyes and told Murphy to go get another pair of pants from his drawer. And guess what he came back with...the overalls. Now keep in mind that the drawer is full of jeans and khakis that fit. The overalls were on the very bottom.

And I don't mean to offend, but, I do not like overalls on a 4 and a half year old BOY. And yes, the overalls have SNAPS. Oh - and the best part - they were WAY too short. I told Tom as soon as I saw him with the overalls that they were going to be too small... well, you can just imagine his response. I didn't win the battle and Murphy went to school sporting another great look. Yes, we're on the cutting edge of fashion here at the Holton Household.

Take care,


Grandma said...

Please son...remember that you are his father and thus a reflection...please dress Murphy like you would dress yourself!!! I can't even imagine my stylish son wearing snaps, short pants or bib overalls...I still love you.

Anonymous said...

Look, it was supposed to rain that day and I didnt want his pant legs getting all wet! Now enough crying.