Friday, November 7, 2008

The dreaded Stomach Bug!

The dreaded Stomach Bug has struck Murphy. Poor little guy! He is not lovin' life right now. Although he is much better today than he was yesterday. At 10am, he didn't have a fever. Early in the afternoon I felt his head and he was on fire. His temp was 103.3! His fever was kicking his butt and he was dizzy and very lethargic. This didn't work well with his bodily functions, which somehow, Tom always gets on him. And Tom is very good about it and never makes a big deal out of it so that Murphy doesn't feel any worse than he already does. We just laugh later. Well, me more than Tom.

So last night was Cooper's best night. He slept soundly from 8:30pm to 2:30am! Woohoo! But, OF COURSE, Murphy woke us up at midnight. And I felt like I was a CSI trying to figure out how "stuff" got in the places we found it. It was smelly and gross, but all quite amusing, really. Well, except for Murphy. I don't think he's been amused at all lately.

Hopefully, tomorrow Murphy will be much improved.


Kim said...

Poor Murphy - hope he recovers quickly! If it's one like the girls here had, it lasts 3 days, so you're over the hump hopefully!! :)

Grandma said...

I sure hope he feels better soon and the rest of your family doesn't catch it...make that flu bug go away. It is amazing how that "stuff" can just fly thru the air and land on places no one dare to tread!