Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tomorrow's the BIG day!

So, tomorrow Harlie gets her wires removed and will finally be able to open her mouth! WooHoo!!! It is so hard to believe that 9 weeks have already gone by. And she handled it like a champ. The other night she yawned. Well, you know when you try to not yawn? And your face gets all funny looking as you try to keep your mouth closed? Well, she looked just like that. How frustrating is that? She's gone 9 weeks without being able to truly yawn. Ugh. Boy am I glad that I just saw that the other night and not 9 weeks ago. It would have bugged me the whole time that she couldn't yawn appropriately.

So the other night I was giving Harlie a bath and she was getting a toy out of the basket and fell over and scraped her chin. (Hey, she has a chin!!!) It bled like crazy (thanks to the daily baby asprin), as well as something on the inside of her mouth. Poor thing. Now with her constant drooling, the scab looks all weird. Hopefully it will heal just fine anyway.

Oh! So a friend and I were out shopping on Friday when two people came up and told me that they read my blog everyday. I am so glad that people are coming up and introducing themselves to me! So, thanks Heather and Amy (and Beth from the other week)! I told Tom that I really have to start getting out more so I can meet more people!

Well, I have to go. I have more to talk about, but I have lots to do before we leave (either tonight or tomorrow depending on when we're supposed to have her there). Hopefully I'll find out in a little while what time.

Take care and talk to you later!


Bonnie (Horensky) George said...

Hi Christy,
I love the new blog and can't wait to hear how Harlie is doing going "wireless". I think you would have to travel far and wide to meet everyone who reads the blog. I've never posted a comment before, but I've been reading since Harlie was born. I often ask other people to pray for Harlie and all of your family and direct them to babysites to really see who they are praying for. You are all truly amazing.
Bonnie (Horensky) George (you can ask Mary Ann who I am :)

Kristen said...

Funny you should mention the yawning today. I was thinking the other day about what her yawn looks like with the wires in! I am so glad for Harlie and for YOU that they are coming out! Can't wait to see that wide-mouthed smile again! Take care! ~Kristen